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How to Sell fast During A Major Life Change

Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball and we find ourselves needing to make changes quickly. But where to begin? Depending on the curveball you’ve been thrown, it could be a rough divorce, a sudden loss, a massive job change that takes you to the other side of the country, or even other side of the world. In these moments, you may need to quickly sell your home to make these changes more bearable. But how?


The first route most people think of is to list their home with a real estate agent...and wait. And wait. And hope a potential buyer’s financing doesn’t fall through or that something major pops up when they have an inspection done before closing. All of this waiting is time, and time is money. The major issues you’re needing to handle quickly aren’t waiting for someone else’s financing. This is where a cash buyer situation may be perfect for you.


First, seek out a reputable cash purchaser. These companies have the experience - and financing available - to make your life transition a bit easier. Contact your chosen company to come to your home to look over the property.


Second, the cash buyer will come to your home, inspect it, decide what repairs or renovations it may require, and then will make you a cash offer. At this point you can either accept their offer and walk away with cash in hand, or reject the offer under no obligation. 


Third, once you’ve decided to accept the offer, you’re now able to move onto the next phase of your life. No need to complete costly home repairs, clean up your house or yard, or pay a selling agent’s fee. 


Selling your home due to major life changes doesn’t have to be a strike out - contact a cash home buyer today!

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