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Know How

Thank you for considering We Buy Houses of Chicago to facilitate the sale of your home. We are experienced real estate investors serving the greater Chicago area and surrounding counties, and we are ready and prepared to make a fair cash offer on your property. Our process allows you, the seller, to take back control of the selling process, without costly and time-wasting repairs and upgrades, and allowing you to choose the closing date that directly benefits you. We can have an offer in your hands within a day or so of your initial contact, and once the terms have been agreed to, you can walk out of closing with cash in hand, no better way to begin the newest chapter of your life, whether it is a new home, a relocation retirement, debt consolidation…whatever your goals, We Buy Houses of Chicago is here to make them happen for you.


Hey, you have questions, we have answers, right? The notion of a fast cash sale can be daunting for some folks, and we understand that. It is a little out of the norm from traditional real estate transactions. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers and explanations, delivered in a brief and easy to understand manner. Our goal is for you to come into this process informed about what is going to happen, how our methods work, and of course, the ultimate benefits for you, the seller. If by some quirk of nature, we have not included your question on our list, you are always welcome to contact our customer service center, where we have representatives available to answer all questions and address all concerns before, during, and yes, even after everything is said and done.

How Does It Work

Here we break it all down for you, how our process works from beginning to end, and what you can expect from the professional real estate investors at We Buy Houses of Chicago. We are not traditional real estate agents by any stretch. No, we are real estate investors, which means we do not market your house and hope the right buyer comes along, at the right time, who is qualified, and ready to move…there are a lot of dominoes that must fall over in the right order. We eliminate all of that by offering a fair cash offer on your home. This means no keeping your home in showroom condition, no costly repairs or upgrades…no, we want your home as it sits. So check us out, break it all down, and see how a fast and fair cash offer can benefit you and your family while helping you achieve your financial and real estate goals.

How to Get Rid of Your Mortgage

There are any number of reasons that folks might want to eliminate a mortgage. For starters, it is likely to be the single largest payment you will make each month. Getting rid of a mortgage frees up considerable funds that you are then able to channel elsewhere, such as payment on a new property, debt reduction, etc. The reason you want to sell is important to us simply because it is important to you. That is why we are here, ready to make things happen for you and your family, getting you out from under that burdensome mortgage payment, and moving you forward into a much better and more secure financial place. Our cash offers are not just fast, anybody can do fast, but they are also fair. We are not going to low ball you and leave you hanging with yet more to pay on a property you will no longer own. That does not benefit anyone. You can rest assured that we will give you an offer you can feel good about.

Are Cash Buyers the Real Deal

In a word, yes! Cash buyers are the real deal. In fact, a cash deal is almost always preferable over a loan. Loans require approvals from banks or other lending institutions, credit checks, interest rates, you name it. Loans also require inspections and appraisals, something not required with a cash deal. We have money in hand, which means when you accept our offer, you leave with money in hand. You also are able to set a much more reasonable and timely closing date, which puts more control of the process in your corner. You can have cash in hand in as little as a week or two, as opposed to a month or two when you look at more traditional real estate agreements.

Selling During A Major Life Change

Sometimes we are not fortunate enough to be able to decide when and how we are going to sell our property. Life has a way of changing and doing so rapidly. Sometimes it is a relocation for employment, or perhaps you are going through a divorce or the death of a spouse or partner. Or maybe it is something as simple as the kids are all grown up and you no longer need all those bedrooms. Selling your home should not be something that adds to the stress of a major life change or transition. Our fair and fast cash offer will allow you the freedom to get out of your current situation and move forward to a situation that works best for you. Call our office at We Buy Houses of Chicago today to get started on the sale of your home!

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