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Are Cash Buyers in Chicago the Real Deal?

You're driving down the street, on your way to work, and you see a sign that says “We buy houses for cash”. You're wondering if that is just a scam. But then you think about the house that you're currently falling behind in repairs on and consider calling. But is it the real deal?


Cash buyers of houses are simply companies or individuals who purchase houses from owners who are looking to sell their home quickly and easily, without the hassle of listing it for sale. Cash buyers typically offer to close on the home quickly since they do not need to attain financing or a mortgage. There is no need for inspections or cleanups, since they do the repairs and cleaning needed.


You may be wondering if this is something you should look into for your situation. A cash buyer can assist you, especially in these types of situations:


  • Your home has been on the market, but isn't selling

  • Your house needs many costly repairs, but you don't have the funds

  • You're filing bankruptcy or getting a divorce and need to liquidate the house fast

  • Homes that are in foreclosure or probate

  • Houses with terrible tenants that you want to evict


If you're considering seeking a cash buyer for your home, some things to consider when looking for one are: be sure it is a reputable company, they are not requesting any fees, and to inquire about other properties in your area that they have purchased. One great way to tell if a cash buyer is a serious cash buyer is by asking to see proof of funds. If a buyer cannot present you proof that he or she has the cash to purchase your house then you are not likely dealing with a true cash buyer. 


Choosing to go the route of cash buyers for your house does not mean you have failed as a homeowner; it simply gives you the means to start over fresh and puts money in your pocket with no hassle or delay.

“They made me a fair offer while all others wanted to pay me less than 50 cents on the dollar. My house was not in a great shape but I wasn’t going to just give it away... (more)


- Lindsey R. (Chicago)

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